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We Grow Your Startup

One of Boston's best startup recruiting agencies since 2008

Our Focus on Technical Recruitment

Startup-Specific Expertise

Advanced Recruitment Strategies

Tailored Hiring Solutions

We're Different...

"Walden Recruiting has been the 'Go To agency' for Boston’s top software and marketing candidates since 2008."

Walden Recruiting sets itself apart from other recruiting agencies through its unique approach. Our recruitment process is primarily driven by referrals, with candidates recommended to us by our extensive network of former candidates and satisfied clients. These individuals often originate from some of Boston's most prosperous and well-established startup companies, boasting a wealth of experience in their respective fields. By relying on this referral-based system, we consistently provide you with a selection of top-tier candidates whose exceptional qualifications and expertise can play a pivotal role in propelling your startup toward continued success, helping you reach your milestones consistently and effectively.

Why Work with Walden Recruiting?

15 Years Experience

Walden Recruiting was founded in 2008 and has recruited for over 185 Boston area startups since.

29,000 LinkedIn

Our President and Founder Marsh Sutherland has over 29,000 LinkedIn connections. He is known as the most connected tech recruiter in Boston.

Creative Approach

Our team of experienced recruiters take a creative approach to sourcing the best candidates for your company, ensuring a perfect fit for your company culture and values.

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